New Exige, thumping noise coming from??

Guys, I have had the Exige now for 3 days, and whenever I pass a sharp road imperfection, I hear this metallic, dampened thumping noise, like something touching aluminum (what else). Can’t figure out exactly where it comes from but seems the left side, could be chassis, door, suspension or even the dash (but couldn’t figure out how to open it to look for something loose).I heard the same when I test drove the MK2 Elise, (not in the Elise 160) I thought then that the MK2’s suspension was just not good, but now I ask you guys, have any of you experienced something similar?Any ideas on how can I open the dasboard to see if there’s anything loose in there?Cheers

Could it be the Yip?Do a search for Yip on this site and see if it matches any of the descriptions.If it is, I think you may have to accept it as a ‘feature’.Ian [image][/image]

Had a similar problem/noise, it turned out to be slighly worn antiroll bar bushes.It sounded like exactly what you described dull metal on metal thud.The bushes were replaced under warrenty and I haven’t had it re-occur.

Thanks for the info. I did a YIP research and now I know that the Exige has a YIP and a Crack.My YIP has not surfaced yet, but I definitely have a crack. Roof mounting spots front and back are the first points to check then.Just in case I’ll also get under the car to try and move the antiroll bar and see if it does something.BTW, when I was under the dash, I fixed something that could have been bad: the throttle rocking arm’s pivot was about to lose its nut. I guess that if it fell off it would mean no throttle (hopefully in the closed position).Thanks for the info, I’ll try to sort out my crack tonight.

quote:Originally posted by Uldis:[Thanks for the info, I’ll try to sort out my crack tonight.[/B]Would suggest this board is not the place to be airing your personal problems… though I find a Vindaloo is good for most complaints [image][/image]

Well, tried last night to fix my crack with no success.It’s not the roof, glass, suspension, seats or insides. Nor I have the Yip. The cracking noise must be coming from the dashboard or somewhere between that and the small bonnet.The doors make a small rattling noise but that’s not it.The ARB bushings seem ok.Will keep on searching, still, ideas are welcome.

Just to close this thread and to the benefit of the next guy looking for answers, the noise was correctly identified by the Lotus dealer here in Aberdeen.Very good service so far, took it in one day to check for a misfire (water in the plug), same day they reported that they had ordered the steering rack & booked for next week.Gave the car in the morning & picked it up in the afternoon, same day delivered.They also took care of a cooling issue: my car does not have the aircon, and my problem was that whether the air temperature was set on cold or hot, it was always blowing hot air.Steering rack was changed under warranty and now (with the Scottish weather anyway) I now can be actually cold inside the car.Now the car is perfect.And the Lotus representation here in Aberdeen is actually part of the Skoda dealer! go figure.I felt strange about delivering the car to a Skoda garage, but I’m happy with the service.Cheers,Uldis

My local dealer in Ireland is primarily a Suzuki dealer, but nevertheless gets the job done.Any more offers for the most inappropriate combination?

Uldis, my throttle cable lost it’s nut whilst taking a slow speed corner on track recently. Immediate loss of throttle as the pedal just went to the floor. [image][/image] Managed to fix it back to together but will be keeping a close eye on it from now on.[This message has been edited by Ally (edited 07 July 2002).]