new exige s2 - "woof"

here’s my new pride any joy! w00t w00t!







very pleased!! although pulled by the old bill last night - didnt believe it was mine (i’m only 24)… V5 hadnt been transferred so that took a bit of explaining… then they wouldnt believe the semi-slick Yokohama’s were legal!! 30 minutes of checking and cross checking before they let me go!!!

details : stage 2 exhaust (wooooooooooooof), induction kit to be fitted, touring pack, ParkAssist, purchased from Bell&Colvill (highly recommended) - very pleased!!

sorry cant work out how to make the photos smaller!

very nice,wheres pic of your house, must be huge if thats your garage!

wish you well with it… and hope the BiB leave you alone to thoroughly enjoy it

where are the sensors for the park assist fitted ?

sorry that should say ParkAssist to be fitted - B&C have the car this coming week, it’s being put on at the same time as the induction kit

its a modified Subaru kit, basically a foil strip that sits inside the rear clam, so completely invisible from the exterior. TBH i have gotten used to reversing without being able to see, but it will be reassuring to have a beeper too, and it was part of the deal i struck when buying the motor

on that note - i can highly reccomend B&C - Scott, Richard and Ed all very helpful and clearly know their stuff!

pickup saturday 20th - gonna be tough not having it all week!

The car looks amazing, really like that colour. I am 23 and looking to get an Exige S2, what sort of figure are you paying for the insurance (Just a ball park idea would be great) ???


�1k with Tesco of all places… 24yr old, 7 yrs NCD, �700 excess

Cheers… That is alot cheaper than I thought. I have got 5yrs NCB, so should be ok…Just need to start saving then. What car did you have before ??

in full order… austin metro, ford fiesta 1.1, fiesta xr2, golf gti 1.8T (mk4), lotus elise s1… and now this beast

I have current got a clio 182, but looking to change it next year to an Exige or an Elise. I just think that the Exige is a bit special and alot rarer than an Elise, but I am not going to rule the 111R out just yet.

Yep, you can take the woof off… but it’s not wecommended.

and now with a touch of welsh class!



deep joy!

Exigeboy where abouts are you in Wales?

I am in Cardiff and have the same colour S2 Exige but with the Performance Pack, Stage 2 and ITG.

Edited to say just seen your post on my pics thread. Glad your in Newport - Dont want them getting too common in Cardiff!

What colour is the S2 in the above photos ?? The S2 at the top of the page looks to be a different colour or is that just the light and my eyes ???

Can anyone provide the colour names ??

Its Magnetic Blue

its “oo la la”

Oh no Davey!! Now you’re not the only Exige in the village!

Oh no Davey!! Now you’re not the only Exige in the village!

but the only GAY

NOTE, thats what i heard any how…

lovely looking car dude,

hopefully see you at club soon