New Exige S2 in the States

After wishing for a stateside Exige for years mine finally arrived. What a fabulous ride, I can’t wait to get it through the break in period and out to the track.
Best reagards,

And a colour coded suit n tie . The boy looks suitably impressed too. Nice one.



Surely you should be wearing two yellow ties?

Nice car

Nice! Welcome!

Congrats! By the end of break-in you’ll feel almost guilty for driving her on the street - I know I do.

Have a look at the passenger harness - sure looks like Schroth with both ASM straps on the passenger side. The ASM straps should both be on the inboard sides of the seats (one per seat). I believe yours are installed incorrectly.

She looks stunning , what kind of steering wheel is that though?

Anyway congratulations�Enjoy !!!


Very nice indeed.

what type of wing mirrors are they as yours look super cool.


I believe that they are the Craftsquare ones from Sector 111, everyone out there seems to have them on their cars,


Oi you, revise rather than memorise on-line car catalogues!

Boys thanks for the fashion tips, I’ll keep an eye out for the double striped chrome orange tie! I’ll take a look at the Schroth strap setup, thanks for the heads up. The side mirrors are the carbon fiber ones from Sector 111. The steering wheel is the factory wheel with yellow leather inserts from Hunting Ridge Motors, who also did the HID kit install, and the custom stripes, and Lotus Sport windscreen and rear quarter panel, and logo above the turn signal graphics. I was surprised how much they changed the VVti transition software and how much smoother the Exige is vs my '05 Elise. Now I just need to figure out if a ForceFed Turbo or Supercharger kit is in it’s future…
Best regards,