New Exige Owner says hi

Hello nice people!.. just bought a new Exige after a number of years in and out of elises and esprits.

Delivery early next month. Very excited. Anything I should look out for. Any good optionals I should consider getting.

Yep - make sure you don’t put diesel in it

Seriously though, do a search & you’ll find a few people have asked the very same question - really boils down as to whether you intend to go on track regularly or only occasionally.

Coming from an Elise, you’ll maybe be wanting a soft top kit for it. Mr Pesky will be able to advise you on that
Certainly consider a better Exhaust at least a Lotus Stage 2 or for a much better sound a full Blueflame system with sports CAT. See some of the earlier posts.

Yep - make sure you don’t put diesel in it

Enjoy that mo fo !!