New Exige owner in Surrey

Got my new S2 in March.
Ashamed to say I’ve only put 700 miles on the clock since running it in.
Can anyone recomend some track days, events or meets where I can get together with some other Exige owners to do some stuff ?

Thanks for your comments

Exige77 [color:“blue”] [/color]

Welcome to Exiges.
Theres a meet at the jovial sailor in Ripley on thursday the 18th(tomorrow) that a few of the Lotus and Exiges Owners are attending, not sure if that is close to you or not, but Myself and Mark P will be there. 7.30pm onwards I belive.


Thanks Christian,

I’ll come down. I’ve Metallic Blue S2 reg H8OOM. Look out for me.

I live just outside Dorking so not far.

See you later.

Best Regs

Henry [color:“blue”] [/color]

Sam and I will be there tonight with the Exige.

Nice to see you chose the best colour even if you dont drive it

Just re-insured mine so I will definately be there, probably not untill around 8ish as I dont finish work till 7.30pm.
Mines the Silver one with MSC stickers on it.
See you there.


Mines the Silver one with MSC stickers on it.
See you there.


Yours is the Silver one that makes people sh1t themselves

It can have that effect, glad you enjoyed it

Hi Christian,

Thanks for the ride. It was really unbelievable !

Mine seemed pedestrian on the way home.

See you soon.


Hi Henry,
Nice to see you there, the more exigers the better
Glad you liked the ride too.


I am also in Surrey… just saw the post… when is the next meet ?

not sure its been arranged yet, probably not for another month.

either 15 September or 22nd haven’t decided yet !!

Where abouts in Surrey ?


I am in Lightwater, near camberley

Hi Speed Lover,

Hope to see you at the next event. I am going to a novice track day at Brands Hatch this Thursday. Can’t wait to try the Exige on teh track. Hope it’s dry.


Let me know how you get on… maybe we could meet up… Guildford is about halfway between us I guess…