New evosal lotus project.

I need a new project does anyone want to supply the glue and fibreglass to put this back together. Does anyone want to own up to crashing it at the same time???





This might help

Well whatever it was what the hell did it hit to end up looking like a bunch of unopenable jpeg’s

I can see them… And all I can say is “ouch” that’s a big off… Then again it probably just hit a sparrow LOL!

This might > help >


Just remember, you need to supply your own masking tape and newspaper with this kit… BTW Malafords also mix up any colour you like and give you it in a handy aerosol… just get the Lotus paint code for laser blue and you should be away…

That’s the car which crashed on the way to Bruce at Ragtop (Macclesfield) as mentioned on this bbs a few weeks ago.

Photos taken at Christopher Neils, unless I am mistaken!

Not for me to post who’s car it is/was.

Chris, assuming it needs a new chassis, looks like it’s not viable to repair - what do you reckon (serious question), given availability of body panels from Lotus? Someone would buy the engine cover & wheels, I’m sure, given the list prices! If its got sports seats & harnesses, they are also desirable

The car is actually a cat d repairable vehicle. The company selling are lookin for bids , going from experience it will be about �8000.

�8000 isn’t that bad, even if you had it as spares only…

Wheels - 600
Seats/harnesses - 800
Engine / box - 3000
Engine cover - 400
Bits and pieces ( s/wheel ) - 500
LSS ( if ok ? ) - 300

Id give 6K max

Well, whoever it was, did a proper job of it…

Commisserations to whoevers car it was, hope/presume they were ok?

Not wanting to appear a vulture but does anyone know the insurance company involved?