New Esprit Group on Yahoo

Hi all,Davin has created a new egroup for us this afternoon. The moderator of the existing UKlotus EsprtTurbo group seems to have vanished and many people have been waiting weeks and weeks to get registered.The link to the new egroup is; Yahoo UK | News, email and search Davin has made Dermot the co-moderator and we hope to offer you all a better service with more features like a database of owners, polls, filestore etc…So please send in your registration.

Thanks for the update Rob; I’ll get registered. [image][/image]

Tony - have you registered yet? We have just had a guy with a yellow sp300 join us.n.b. over 60 members already - not bad for a couple of weeks…!

quote:Tony - have you registered yet?Erm… no, not yet, been busy. Sorry! I’ll try and do it today…

Done! [image][/image]