New Engine , New Color

My car is currently occupying 2 full garages, It is being painted Red next week, quite excited as I have never really been happy with the silver, my apologies to anyone who really is. I have been threatening for a while but have also not been sure if I should keep the car or not. I was hoping to get a motorsport car, but after many attempts at trying to get a straigt answer on duties, I decided against it. Not so much because it isn’t possible just because it would cost about 40% more than mine at the moment, and spending that amount on mine would seem a better idea, thereby keeping a fully road legal saleable car.

I took the 1.8 out for a last drive on thursday night, it is a great little motor. As soon as I find my firewire cable I’ll post the vid’s. All to be replaced by the 2l motor currently fitted to the carbon exige. Sure it doesn’t rev as high as mine, only 8300rpm , but I’ll survive.

If anybody has a dog engagement gearset for sale I would really be interested, our local agents are to say the least a little slack.

lets see the pics when you have them… should restore the status quo since Sean chnged his orange car into a silver car

Here ar the vid’s of the final run with the 1.8, the slight missed change into 4th happens occasionally after my moto x leg break, every now and then my brain is quicker than my repaired knee.


Took the last bits to the panelbeater today, engine is out. The head is going to a good home locally. I can’t wait to get the car back together.

since Sean chnged his orange car into a silver car

I’ll have you know that my car isn’t silver, it’s errrrrrrr multicoloured. lol

Orange is just soooooo last month!!

The Silver on my car is actually a Honda colour, so see I’m not totally anti jap. lol

The grey is a Rover colour, the red on mine is a Suzuki motorbike colour and the orange is a Yamaha motorbike colour.

Everyone should go for a colour change every now and then I reckon!!

Nice quick gearshifts Jason. I take it that’s not the standard box and linkage? Sounds great…

Thanks Alex, took the gearbox off yesterday and the clutch release bearing is a 3 piece unit, completely knackered, so I have an additional excuse for missed changes now , not sure if you could see the hedgehog running across the road in the video which threw off my concentration, sneaky creatures.

The box is UCR with shorter final drive and eliseparts quickshifter and linkage.

Sean, I know factory colors are so factory