New Elise - do you ever get any discounts?

I’m considering buying a new Elise (sports tourer) at very short notice.I’ve noticed that most Lotus garages say that there is a 2 to 3 month lead time, but when pushed they seem to be able to find a ‘cancelled order’ at short notice. - maybe because of the recent terrible events in USA?My question is: does everyone pay list on a new Elise, or are discounts negociable like at any mainstream manufacturer’s garages? If so, how much should I expect to get off?

They wouldn’t really budge on my Exige. The line being it is not in the interest of resale values to do so. Which I guess has some truth in it.

:unlurk:There is are a few very nearly new cars for sake at the moment, and at least one person who is trying to cancel an Elise ST order and not being able to get his deposit back.Don’t think they’ll haggle on principle - brand values etc, but if you tell them your budget then a car may magically appear within it.Cheers,AdrianR:lurk: