New discs...

Hi even though this is a S2 based question think the S1 guys have the know which should apply here.

Looking to replace my discs and pads. Pads I know about but the discs not so sure.

There seem to be a wide range of products available from Plans to Lotus Elise Parts and co. Alcon seem to pop up a lot.
What size disc and product should I go for if I want to keep original callipers?
Cheers Jamie

I will be swapping my disks before next years track season starts and will be going for the Eliseparts Alli Belled disks which seem to get high praise from everyone who tries them.

They are �280 ish for a set of fronts but after that you just replace the outer part of the disk

As for pads Pagids obviously

Don’t know about that praise form all quarters for an S1 Davey. The std Eliseparts ali belled discs appear to be thinner than normal Exige disks and it can level a spongy pedal. I understand the new AP ones are better (still worth checking the thickness though).


They also have these in stock…
complete AP disc bell set (295mm fronts 285 mm rears) is �895 + vat