If I could, through a composites company I am a consultant for, have clamshells for the Mk.1 produced that have the unique elements of the Exige design incorporated but retaining the soft top, how may would be interested?They would be painted ready to fit (after lamps etc transferred) and reasonably priced!Rob Gibbons

yes but at what sort of cost?

Certainly not Lotus OE type costs. Bear in mind this is more of a personal project rather than a commercial venture. If the mould cost is too high and could not be ammoprtised over a reasonable volume I will dump it. I will get some estimates - I am sending the photo’s down to the plant today. I am also going to ask them to look at putting the GT1 style rear end on the standard clamshell. So the standard Elise could have the Exige front and the GT1 rear -picture it!Rob Gibbons

Rob - I would be interested in an Exige style front clam for the S1. Can the standard Exige front clam bolt directly onto the S1?

It can apart from the rear lower where it meets the cill at the front of the door. It needs a modified section to do that. What we would do is to take a standard Mk.1 clamshell and ‘graft’ the lower front section and air dam from the Exige onto it. Same plan could apply to the rear where we could even add the lower splitters from the GT1!.Response so far is not good because it may be difficult to visualise the car with the mods. I will try to get some CAD impressions to help this.Rob Gibbons