New car glitch

Hi peeps.I took delivery of my Laser Blue Exige two weeks ago and am just about to pass the 1000 mile mark.I believe I was very lucky to find a new Exige, especially in the colour I wanted - I was told by SGT in Taplow (where I bought the car) that this was pretty much the last new car in the country - does anyone know if this is true?Anyway, on to my question:When just pottering about, if I lift off the accelerator at between 3000 and 4000 rpm the engine ‘runs on’ for a couple of seconds, sometimes revving 500 to 1000 rpm higher, before finally dropping off. Initally I assumed that there was something physically sticking at one end of the accelerator cable or the other, but examination by myself and SGT discounts this. Below 3000 rpm and above 4000 rpm it doesn’t happen. The SGT mechanic suspects a problem in the ECU.The car is going for it’s first service next week, and hopefully this will be sorted out then - but in the meantime, does anyone have any ideas what’s causing this?Cheers,Ian.

Wait til they’ve done the first service.Make sure they remove your cat, resonator valve and 2nd air filter, and run on Super Unleaded (or Optimax)The car should be alot better for it.As for sticking throttle, have you looked to see if the cable is about to fall off like Steve Green’s did ?

I think there may still be a couple available. I know Bell & Colvill had about half a dozen new ones available a couple of weeks ago.I thought there had been some problems with sticking throttles? Dave?

IPJ, I’m afraid this is a common problem. I’ve seen it an awful lot, including my own Exige, which suffered really badly for quite a while, despite Lotus et al sticking their fingers in the car. Although the ECU can cause this, it is extremely unlikely that this is the cause. You should certainly follow Dave’s advice (Admin5), but if you really want to have a look at it yourself in the mean time it can usually be alleviated by applying a few drops of high temperature high viscosity oil to the throttle body housing either side of the pulley that the throttle cable attaches to. In extreme cases Lotus have had to supply replacement throttle bodies under warranty. You can test the throttle body by manually revving the car by applying pressure to the throttle cable pulley and seeing if it returns to its rest position properly. If it doesn’t, I rest my case. If lubrication doesn’t help, check the cable isn�t sticking at either end, isn’t kinked etc. I’ve also seen sticking butterflies within the throttle body housings failing to shut properly. I wouldn’t put too much weight on the fact that it doesn’t appear to be sticking as it only takes a very small amount of stick to cause your symptoms, and the usual symptoms of a sticking throttle body are exactly those that you have described. Hope this helps. [image][/image]

Thanks guys.I’ll take a copy of your comments along to SGT when the car goes in for it’s first service next week.Ian.

quote:Thanks guys. I’ll take a copy of your comments along to SGT…No problem, but I should point out that I was only trying to give you some pointers; it certainly wasn’t my intention to provide ammunition for you to go and hit JCT over the head with! I certainly don’t want to cause JCT problems, either directly or indirectly, so while I don’t mind you mentioning the content of my comments to them I’d feel happier if you didn’t give it the “Tony says…” bit if you don’t mind! At the end of the day, they�ve had a look at your car, I haven�t. Hope you understand. [image][/image]

Tony - no problem.I was intending to use the “some of the guys on the Exige owner’s forum suggested this…” approach. Sorry if that’s not how it sounded!It may be a moot point anyway, since I’ve had a good thrash this evening (running-in restrictions permitting) and didn’t notice the throttle sticking once. If only every problem went away on it’s own!Ian.

I have suffered very similar problems, mine went away during running in and applying oil in the place that Tony suggests, I also have had the same problem with the throttle bracket comming lose resulting in the first 1/2 inch of throtle just twisting out the slack at the mounting under the dash. I think this would also tend to result in some of the return spring being used in moving the bracket around rather than closing the throttle. I would oil the springs as Tony suggests. To find out if he bracket is moving arround, put your had under the heater controls find the Throttle bracket and feel if this moves about when you apply a bit of throtle.Hope this helps.Regards,Roy