New car distorted.

Anyone a member of Lotus Club International…if so go to page 10 in mag05 and you will see, behind the clay model of the Circuit Car, a car that Lotus have distorted. Two pics…one reflection in a mirror behind the car and one infront of the car. Any computer wizz kidds here that can do something with these pics and reveal the new car!!!Or perhaps this is the new design direction…you heard of BMW flame surface design this could be the Lotus version.

Can you post the pic?

RemarkLima could be our man!


Post a pic…I can not even use the digi camera let alone post pics on here …will have a go though

have a look in the articles section - the full post is in there…

I had a look at it in photoshop to do anything would need a high res scan of that part of the page. Can anyone do this from that could play around…

Sorry i cant posta pic myself, but looking at the mag it does look like the Europa. The one (RoxxTeddy?) originally posted sometime ago.

Rumour is the new car will have 2 body styles…1 badged as a proton for the far east & the other a as yet unseen Lotus version to be sold everywhere else. We’ll see.


I was told ‘for definite’ yesterday that the leaked pictures of the ‘Europa’ are, in fact a Proton coupe to be built in Malaysia. I haven’t seen any photos but the Europa is a longer fatter elise/exige (i.e. in plan view it doesn’t have a ‘waist’ where the doors are and the sills are consequently wider - and presumeably a bit more cabin space) with the 220-240 bhp Vauxhall unit and loads of torque. It has a ‘glass’ panel over the engine and a much bigger (but still not huge) boot space

�32k, available March 06, taking deposits at the dealers…

All hearsay of course