New Caption Competition

Pictured here, we have a rare shot of the infamous, indeed mythical creatures identified by their latin name Exigus Loonicas, more commonly known as “Pesky and RussT”.[image][/image]Caption quotes please… [image][/image]

“Don’t laugh Russ! I ate ten hot dogs at Le Mans and not one has come back out yet. Oh, hold on, hold on,…”

“If he says, he misses spare wheels and electric windows, one more f***ing time I’m gonna kill him”

Or…“If he does’nt stop telling me how much he loves me I’m gonna kill him”

Or…“Oh Lord, for the slapping I’m gonna give him, please help him to understand…”

he-he…nice one…welcome back then…common boys…we want a full report how it was and all that…I hope you all got back in one piece (man and machine) and you are well…I can’t say that about me…got serious problems with my time schedule. we are running out of time…later,Bruno

After not being seperated at birth, Russ T was pleased that his new tinted side windows now helped to hide his gruesome secret… [image][/image]

Before I forget…Where do I pick my picture up from?

Bloody hell this Optimax is strong tackle…

Great shot of you, me and the stripper, Pesky lad but what’s the bet Admin 5 crops the bottom off before it hits the board?

From the other side of the fence…“It’s your round Pesky”

“Russ, I don’t care if my glasses do magnify my eyes, You are not going to wear them ‘there’ for your date with some tart from that portacabin”[This message has been edited by Tone (edited 23 June 2002).]

“So Pesky, in a LHD Exige, the Gearstick would be here then?”

I think this is scandalous!! Clearly this picture is meant to convey the impression that these two nice guys are either homosexual or ****ed or both. Having spent the Le mans weekend with them both, I wish to firmly stress that alcohol, blow up dolls, french sticks, french tarts, decibel competitions, singing or any other form of merry making did not occur. However, in support of the spirit of the caption competition, here is my entry. “You may well be a professional photographer but you’re completely ****ed and if you call me Resky, or him Puss, once more then your camera is going in a very dark place” or"I’m tellin’ ya, his name is Russ and I came with him from the UK - he couldn’t possibly be the 'droid you’re looking for…"Mike

Dear 83manI was very pleased to read your post & hear that my little cherrub did not indulge in any merry making whilst he was in Le Mans… He did however tell me that he had made a new friend, who had a particular penchant for barbequed food - can you shed any light on this, please? I also found it somewhat unusual that he didn’t want me to unpack his luggage this year - I was convinced that he must have brought me back a surprise present, but alas, in the end I was dissappointed. To make up for this, he has promised to take me to the next VSCC “extravaganza”, which I believe you have something to do with - correct? I do love a bit of shopping, & I can’t wait to see what’s on special offer at the Versace Styled Classic Clobber outlet which you manage at Castle Donington - golly, it sounds awfully posh!Au revoir!

Dear Mrs Pesky,Do I detect a note of suspicion in your post? Really you should be more trusting. Don’t forget, all we wanted to do was watch a motor race. With regard to the ‘new friend’ and barbecued food, suffice to say that there is more than one way to eat a sausage, especially when swinging from the rafters! If your little cherub is as well behaved at home as he was at Chateau Chanteloup then you have nothing to worry about. After all, all men over the age of 13 drink too much especially when ‘mum’ isn’t araound. And, of course, once men get a drink inside of them they can’t even tell time let alone discern morals!So, there is nothing to worry about.RegardsMikeP.S. If you want to see the photos send a bankers draft to my Leamington account and all will be revealed.