new battery

just tried to get a replacement battery from halfords unfortunately they dont do one any other ideas?

I got one from these earlier in the year picked it up from one of their shops locally. Think the one you need is a type 063. Was only �25 went in to get a bosch silver plus but he showed me a magazine article which tested loads and this was better than the bosch- half the cost as well.

I recently used CPC Battery Services Ltd, Twickenhan, West London 020 8898 6972 for a replacement battery for my exige + an Automate battery conditioner. Very knowledgable and excellent sevice/prices for quality products.

thanx guys i’ll look into them

Try a search for ‘Varta’. I seem to recall there was a good value replacement from them discussed here before.


Chris Foulds up here (Yorks) recommended and supplied a Lucas for about 40 quid?

By the time you have rung round and cocked about might as well get a good one in the first place!

PS I have bought 3 Lucas btteries for 3 lotus cars and they have all been bang on. The one in the Elan has been on ages and it cranks like a gud n even after being stood for ages

I managed to get a Bosch Silver battery from a company called CES, from memory it was about �35. It is the type 063 as required and has a cranking spec of 390Amps, the others I looked at only had 330Amps although I didn’t look at many.