New Battery Installation

Just a quick note, I have not had the pleasure of driving my exige for 3 months due to a recent Ban. It has sat idle in my garage and now the battery is as flat. I have tried to charge it but it doesnt like it . How much are new batterys roughly and are they easy to fit as it look very tight and Fiddley !! Or should I take it to my local dealer and ask them nicely to replace ?


I recently changed the battery on my Exige but sourced a higher amp than standard Bosch one because I had problems with it starting even though the original battery seemed fine. Its all listed here Bosch Silver Plus battery

It is a bit of a pain to replace but nothing too difficult. Just fiddly

A while back I also posted a brief description on changing a battery on the Elises bit. Here

Ive done 2 now, On my Elise and Exige but must admit the Exige seemed more difficult as the battery appeared to be a little longer so I had to undo the heater and slide it along a bit.

Go on have a go.


Ps - Take a look in the manual first on disconnecting the battery relative to the alarm.

Just in case you do what I did when I had my Elise when I ended up having the alarm sound for about 20 minutes on its battery backup because I hadnt turned it off properly

Just call me the battery Man

Reckon I should be on commision with bosch at this rate

Top man… Does look like a pig to replace.
Thanks for your help, If you here the screams it will be me with my fingers stuck !