New baby arrival

The Davies household now has a new “pit crew” member, Dominic was born yesterday at 3pm and weighed in at 4lb 9.5oz [image][/image]

Congrats to you all [image][/image]One more for a soccer team then! [image][/image]

Congrats!(again) Bri

Excellent news Phil ! Congrats.

Many congrats Phil - I will raise a glass to Dominic tonight [image][/image]SimonE

Great News Phil !I guess wet/dry track days could take on a new dimension in a few years then [image][/image]

Congratulations Phil!Welcome to the club!You’ll see, it’s beter than an Exige, and with endless room for develpoment and performance upgrades [image][/image]Uldis


Congrats Phil. One question - do you realise where these babies are coming from, and why they happen? [image][/image]

oi Phil, great news… [image][/image] congrats. as well,hope both are ok…just bought 7 liters of RS Castrol…should last until England incl.oil change… [image][/image] [image][/image] [image][/image]later,Bruno