New Australian owner

I am the proud new owner of a cobalt blue Exige in Sydney. I have been looking for a Lotus for about 12 months, and at last the wait is over. I have followed this site for a long time and have used the info on the site in making my decision to chose the Exige.I used to drive a BMW Z3 3.0. It had a lovely engine (which I will miss) but was a bit soft.Two questions: 1) My passenger window has a gap at the top - how do I adjust it (or should I get the dealer to do it)? 2) I think the resonator/restrictor is still connected to the air box (there is the 1 inch metal ring before the air box) - does anyone have step by step instructions for a mechanical gumby to remove it?Thanks, Nathan

First of all welcome to the club Sir. When I got my Exige that had a gap at the top of the window, all you need to do is remove the black plastic door panel so you can get inside the door, then loosen the bolts that hold the rail for the window mechanism and lift the rail so the hole of the window is moved up a bit. As for the resonator valve all I did was to pop the ball joint off the vacuum operated switch that sits on the outside of the air box.I will be removing it totaly but for now thats as good as. When you have done it, the car will go like S*&% off a shovel all the time!!! all the best

Hi there Nathan,

Congrats on the choice, you have great taste. Did you get your’s at Rick’s? Are you in Sydney? I am the owner of the orange exige around town. Since there are not that many of us here downunder, if you ever want to go for a drive, maybe we can organise something, or just to exchange ideas.

Best regards,

OJ, yes I am in Sydney and got the car from RD’s. I saw your car at Cremorne Prestige when I was having my ecu updated - at least mine only took 3 weeks to complete. Give me a call on 0413 480 991 to have a chat.

OJ, I take it yours is the Orange one seen around Double Bay from time to time? I’m always being accused of being there when I’m not!

Anyway, Nathan, OJ, mine is back on the road next week, after the latest round of upgrades and am itching to take it for a Sunday morning blast on the Old Pacific highway. Want to organise something soon? Might be a good way to hook up and see what these things can really do.


Hi there Nathan,

Oh yeah … I saw yours too in the work shop. Did they do a good job for you? Thanks for your phone number I will give you a buzz after this week. So how is yours running? Are you having a good time driving it?


Hi there Angelo,

What color is yours? I do go down to DB from time to time … but haven’t done so in awhile. Its a pain for parking around there. lol.

I usually do the Old Pacific Highway thing a couple of times a month. I am usually there at night only around 11pm onwards during week days. I was on old Pacific on a sunday morning about 3 weeks ago … my gosh there was just so many traffic and police and bikes etc etc. The general traffic speed was only about 60km/h and the stuck between a 2nd and 3rd gear … I did not have a good run that day and it is unlikely I will be back there on a Sunday morning in a hurry.

But would love to get in touch and maybe go for a drive somewhere?


Oh by the way Nathan, have you removed your 2nd air filter yet? If not let me know and I can remove it for you if you like.


Hi OJ,

mine is Orange too. Night drives on the Old Pacific hey? Sounds interesting. the trick on the Sundays is a very early start…before the cops and the bikers get out. I agree that it is pot luck. A better alternative is the Putty Road and taking it back to Windsor. Fantastic drive, less congested, and definitely less police.

Ok guys, let’s hook up for a chat/drive. You can email me privately on [email protected] or call on 0414233343.

BTW Nathan, caught you zooming off in College Street couple of weeks ago. Car looks good!

OJ, the second filter is gone (it always was). Although the resonator housing remains in place, the internal flap has been removed. So everything is still connected, it is just that there is no effect when it is activated. I will get around to removing the whole thing at some stage, but at the moment I can’t be bothered.

The car is going fantastically well at the moment. The new ecu seems to run smoother, but it uses lots more fuel. I drive the car every day in the city, and it now uses about twice as much fuel as it did before the upgrade (about 20l/100km), although it is still good out of the city. At the time of the ecu recall, I enquired about the cost of the 190 upgrade - $6,500. I very quickly said no.

Angelo - more upgrades? I didn’t think there was anything more you could do. A drive soon sounds good. I have never driven the Putty Road, so seems like it could be the option - the resurfaced section of the Pacific Hwy after the Peats Ridge turn off is bad for rear guard stone chips.

Perhaps a beer in the evening soon would be good?


after a little shunt in Targa, it was a good excuse to replace the whole body with a carbon fibre Motorsport Elise one. i’ve also whacked in a straight cut ultra close ratio box and LSD.I’ve also got a set of Speedline wheels that I’m having fitted. I now think there definitely is none of the original running gear left in this car, which cumulatively makes my stereo redundant. removing this is probably the only thing I can still do to it.Good call re: the 190 upgrade. certainly better ways to spend your money

Let’s get together one evening (I’m relatively free) and organise a drive day whilst at it.