New addition to the garage

In addition to the Exige, I have just taken delivery of my Emira… Only done 250 miles so far, and still running in (4K limit). So far - what a car…

My worries of it being too big, or not involving enough - all gone. It shrinks around you - still has the ‘Becker’ points, so view out is much the same as the s2 Exige - just a little wider :slight_smile:

Took it down a challenging road near me - the touring suspension is witchcraft - badly surfaced with camber all over the place, it just took it all in its stride, where actually the exige is a little ‘nervous’.

Of course it’s not as raw an experience, and it can be very refined when pootling about, but it is still a Lotus, and still has that feel. I am really impressed so far…

Ohh and it looks Epic !


Much love for that! What a great colour.

Are there any interior pics?

Its quite different to your s2 really. Have you drive a s3?

I have driven and s3, a 410 and a 350, plus an Evora 410 and 400. The 410 was epic on track, didn’t gel with the 350 - felt like a larger heavier version of my s2… too similar in some ways to make the change. I drove the 350 and an Evora 400 back to back, and preferred the Evora, felt more alive… If I was going to do trackdays, I may have ended up with a 410. I am road trips and Sunday drives out these days, and I plan to keep both (right now). The Emira is very grown up, yes, but prefer the looks by a million miles to Evora, and I think it drives better (some will disagree)

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Interesting comparisons.

There seems precious few who have driven the range


These really do look class.

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Absolutely love the Emiras. Nice colour choice.

The best colour choice - congrats on both ,great to hear your first reassuring thoughts -thank you

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