New 350 Sport

Just see this on Instagram, also on the lotus website:

I’m totally lost, what’s with this one? Isn’t there a Cup 360…

I’m not keen on Lotus bringing out too many special editions, that are similar to each other.
However I like the start/stop button, (could this be retro fitted? I’d like one on my V6)
Not keen on the open gear linkage, but would like a better gear change.
I like the engine cover too, but not keen on wheels.
Colours seem a bit different too.

I assume this replaces the Exige S as it’s no longer on their website!

How much is the 360?

Retro tartan seats :astonished: call the taste police, thats nasty.

I dont mind the Team Dynamics wheels but I wouldn’t exactly call that a factory upgrade, the S2’s had a much better selection of optional rims.

£71k eek! Nice cherry red wheels though,…someone was trying to persuade me to paint my TMRs that colour :open_mouth:

Oi! You said it first. I just agreed that they would look cool. Just think…championship white, red wheels, carbon wing and bonnet, red alcantara and carbon black seats. And red type R decals. Mmmmmmm. Fire up the photo shop!

Yup I need to get busy dong some choppery!!

Some more info in the 350 here, it does look pretty good.

What’s wrong with the Tartan. Wonder if they do it in Hunting Stewart of Appin :slight_smile:

Good article on the Lotus Forums: Driven: Exige Sport 350