Nasty fumes in car.

I’ve always had a slight problem with an unpleasant smell of exhaust gases coming into the car if I drive with the window open. It doesn’t normally bother me, but on long journeys it can get a bit too much. I get a sore throat and a bit of a headache.My car has most of the usual environmentally unsound changes to improve it’s performace:Cat rep pipeBreather kit and catch tankRoll-over valve removed from fuel systemDoes anybody have any idea which of these mods is most likely to be the cause of my problem? I’m going on a run to the south of France next month, and don’t fancy putting up with the fumes on a 1000 mile journey.

Hi Brendan,i’ve the same problem. In my case is therear screen in the cabin that lets airto come in the cockpit. This happens onlywhen a window is open.CiaoNicolas

I can concur with Nicolas’s view.I used to have an awful smell of petrol/oil fumes - my clothes always smelt of fumes after a journey. I kind of thought it got worse when I opened the window but was never sure.Then recently I have had the back of the car apart to fit a rollcage and found a bit of insulation underneath the screen and stopping it from seating properly.Voila - all my smells have gone. However, my rear window now squeaks :0)I can only assume that the insulation was there to stop the window squeak - you can’t win 'em all!!!

I to can concur,that with the window open i get the smell of exhaust gases,i put it down to driving a great car!!! [image][/image]

Thanks for the replies guys. I’ll definately get the rear window checked out. I’m also going to get the routing of the breather pipes checked.