Name the tyre…

So, anyone know what kind of tyres these are…



I think they’re one of the Dunlop track day tyres. Mucho ���s

…if they are they stick like some brown smelly stuff does to a fibreous material you may sleep under.

Yeah, I think Dunlop aswell, is it the D04J???

Are they better than the A048s though? Here in NZ the dunlops are quite cheap as they’re a control tyre for a few local race series. I was lead to believe the A048 was a superior tyre.

NZ’s first Exige??? It will be a close run race George! We’ll see.

Yeah… it will be… with my current delays, yours may be the first in Jez… I might be lucky if I get mine in by the end of the year

… hopefully all going well I’m trying to hit a mid-sept arrival.