My visit to a stange island......

hi ya,got back last night after another 9 hours mmmmmmmmm. first of all, I would like to thank you for the warm and friendly welcome you gave me. you all are a good laugh. I had a splendid time. the way to the luvely place called Travel Lodge was, how should I put it, quite interesting, though I was struggeling a bit when overtaking on the wrong side of the roads. it’s about time you changed to the system, the rest of the world is used to… some great roads. thanks Tony, for organising that. Bran, I know that you found it rather slow…, you nutter…the track day itself was great as well, though I had two hairy moments. the first one somebody spinning right in front of me (you know who you are) and the second one, you all know… me exige was missfiring all the way back to Switzerland. it seemed that it didn’t want to leave the island. had to stop again and againg to put the leads back in…to make things worse, I catched a flu but I will survive…cheers,BrunoPS: a special shout goes out to Bran and the luvely Morgemuffel…you know who you are…hope you have recovered as the way, it seems that you were wrong about something you were guessing…can’t say more. have you read it ?

It was great to see you Bruno! You must come again! [image][/image]

quote:Originally posted by Bruno: it seems that you were wrong about something you were guessing…can’t say more. have you read it ?Eh ? Do you think you could have been more cryptic ?

Bruneeee, glad to see your back in one piece, it was really really great to meet you, Bran and I are still laughing about the “lightweigt ducks at lotus”!, and everything Brannan says now finishes “init”!I have recovered fine thankyou, just needed a good nights sleep, I hope that you get well soon too.What were we wrong about??? Give us a clue!Bran & Pip

BrunoVery happy to hear that you arrived home okay [image][/image]Sorry about da flu though, man [image][/image] Plenty of whisky with honey & hot water, is the answer…innit. That way, your head will spin as fast your car at Craner [image][/image] [image][/image] [image][/image]Look forward to seeing you on your next trip to our strange island - I’ll try and find a better place to have some food & beer!

Tony, of course, I will come again.Pesky, me old tea pot, thanks for the advice but me head spinning faster is almost impossible…Pip, what about those fish looking like Bran when he is really, really hungry???by the way, your pics are first class…specially the one when I’m sitting in me car with Bran’s best mate…they did get on so well, I’m almost jealous…cheers,Bruno

Hi Bruno!Just wanted to “shake your hand” for undertaking this huge tripin the Exige. [image][/image]Made me feel guilty for not making Donno. from Glasgow but workcommitments would just not allow me to “disappear” for a couple of days at the moment. [image][/image]Glad to see you made it home in one piece if not very knackered.What was your total mileage over the 4/5 days?Should stand as some sort of record for a while.Cheers - Al

cheers Al, shame that you couldn’t make it. you would have fitted in nicely with the northern total mileage was about 3000 miles.see you another time.

BrunoIt was an absolute privilage to meet you…good to hear you got home safely…there’s only one thing for it now and that’s to let us all know when the next track day is in your home town then we can all come over and stay at your Travelodge

I might be wrong…but isn’t motorsport banned in Brunoland?

Keith, was great to meet you know that such nonsense like racing around in circles is of course forbidden here…since that horrible Le Mans crash back in the fifties but all of you are always welcome here anyway. we have some breathtaking roads in the mountains…what we could do next year is to go to Spa. now, that would be something, wouldn’t it? cheers,Bruno

He, he, he, … “Spectacular Spa” - 10th June, 2002, two days @ �595 (yikes).I’m up for this! [image][/image]Al

Come on Bruno!I’m waiting for your version of the Craner spin.How many revolutions? 6? 10? What caused it? Were you just showing off? Is there wet grass all over your engine bay? etc.Ian :slight_smile:

quote:Originally posted by IDG:Come on Bruno!I’m waiting for your version of the Craner spin.How many revolutions? 6? 10? What caused it? Were you just showing off? Is there wet grass all over your engine bay? etc.Ian :-)All I will add is that I thought I was doing OK entering Craner’s at around 90mph but Bruno evidently thought I was far too slow as he went passed me as though I was standing still… then the rest is history…I lost count after watching 5 spins as then he switched to the really long wide slow motion spins…it was like watching the final of “Come Dancing” the only thing missing was the music ! [image][/image] [image][/image] [image][/image]

ya alright Bruno me old waltzerAv ya got dat car sorted art or what ?For the same pace 100 miles 3 times running you required 10 litres more fuel. Is this what ya call Swiss emissions control? or is it just a BIT richThat’s an extra 30 litres, summits wrong mate after all we were waiting for you most of the time heheeee [image][/image]How about that Tornado we saw it must have been half a mile long or so

Bran, you cheeky sod. no, me car is not sorted at all, runs like a pig…waiting for Russels comments, need this Emerald and those Magnecors badly…just wait until you come to my country and then, I’m waiting for ya…get my drift?Pip, I knew that you hadn’t forgotten about it…I guess you might be right…yes, she really liked it, so, there you go…she is not as spoiled as you are…he-he…and she was really looking after me over the weekend, you know, me being sooooo poorly…Ian, I think Keith said it all. I was just a tiny little bit too bloody fast…or should I say too optimistic? I stopped counting after 10…regarding the grass, that’s one of the reasons I went for BRG…Al, regarding Spa, count me in!

Al & BrunoWhilst Spa is on my “must drive” list, the 10th June next year will not be possible. HOWEVER, myself, RussT & possibly TonyW, Maverick, Brannan & Pippa, & Keenan, will be down in Le Mans for the race over the 15th & 16th. Howabout a meet there? I will be posting details of our planned trip in the New Year, once we’ve had a meeting with our “buddies” from this year’s trip.For those who don’t know, we convoyed down from Bolton with mates with 2 Ultimas, EVO V & a couple of Audi TTs. We camped about 12 miles from the circuit in the grounds of a chateau with all facilities (toilets/showers/bar/restaurant/store). The Ascari race team were also staying there. Le Patron is a fantastic guy, who just lurves cars, & strangely enough, us Brits [I don’t know about the Swiss, Bruno [image][/image]]Can’t wait… [image][/image][This message has been edited by Pesky (edited 01 October 2001).]

Guys,I’ve been a Le Mans regular over the years and I’m intending to go next year. I’d be plesed to gatecrash your party if you fancy picking up a midlander (born a southerner) on the way through. I usually go Thursday to Monday. What are your plans?Mike

Mike (83man)The more the merrier [image][/image] This year we picked up Keenan in Portsmouth…but he is from Bolton originally [image][/image]We sailed from Portsmouth on Wednesday, & arrived home the following Tuesday. All being well, we hope to tag on a couple of more days, in 2002. Will keep you posted as our plans develop…[This message has been edited by Pesky (edited 02 October 2001).]

Thanks for the invite Pesky - sounds good! [image][/image]I’ll need to see how things pan out around these dates as theSpa event is 10/11 or 13/14 June, depending on preference -open pit lane BTW.Are the 13th/14th better dates for you?I was also planning on a visit to the 'Ring which is about an hourfrom Spa and maybe a trip to the Stelvio Pass (if open).Bruno, d’ya know how far the Stelvio Pass is from Spa?Al