my S1...

picked her up last saturday, the stripes have now gone and i’ve started work on the internals, wheels will be refinished asap…



Looks great as it is. I’m half tempted to think about an S1 but maybe an Elise next time. What sort of mechanical changes are you thinking of?

nitrons, brakes and an engine swap at some point, just not sure which one yet


I enquired about that car, and about removing the stripes and getting the wheels returned to black.

I ended up going down the route of a Honda Elise and will put an Exige Kit on it

I did think of that route myself, but i wanted a proper s1 exige, always promised myself i would and anything else would of been cheating

ps it’s not black but nautilus blue and the stripes only took 45 mins to remove

Nice Marc

(spoke with Jim, tar)