My S1

Back to owning a lotus after selling my S1 elise a year or so ago for an Atom - but now back to pure driving pleasure again

[image] is for sale | HugeDomains
[image] is for sale | HugeDomains



how was living with an atom?



Atom was great on track, less so for fast road driving.
Bonkers fast but you had to concentrate 100% or it felt like you’d end up in a ditch.

Was certainly a head turner though.



Fabulous pictures.


Have another…

[image] is for sale | HugeDomains

Great pictures…I was going to buy an Atom but went for the S1 instead…why didnt you go for the S2 though?

The S2, unless going for a 240R or similar, is, to my eyes, an s2 with a hardtop ( flame suit activated ) whereas the S1 is a design classic.

And as this is a weekend/track car I can use the money saved for some extras for this one.



Great pictures…you don’t happen to be a photographer do you…if not why not.

I do/did a bit of trackday photography and getting this car has made me pick it up again.

Hopefully doing some elises and exiges at the weekend, a bit of a group shoot


Welcome Pete,

great piccies - obviously taken in … Lancashire

Taken in East Yorkshire! ( insert proper rose here )

See you at the Buckes in a proper car this time eh?

Will you be fitting a sprinkler system inside the car and wearing your helmet to get over the atom transition nice and gently??? (and a 2lb bag of grit and leaves)

Did you submit those piccies for the Calendar or were you too late???


Missed the calendar entries, didnt want to see a camera again for a while after doing lots of trackday stuff all year

Next year i’ll get some pics…

Stunning pics… esp the second one.

welsome to