My passenger needs to wear wellies

My car was sat out in the rain all afternoon yesterday, and when I came back to it, there was a load of water all over the back wall of the passenger footwell area. I guess it must have come in somewhere around the base of the windscreen. Any suggestions?


This could be bollox, but…

Could you have blocked a drain hole (or unconnected a drain tube) when you removed the dash, whilst recently “heat sealing” your car?

Good thinking Pesky, I suspect you’re right… about it being bollox

I can’t really see it myself, but I stand to be corrected. Surely any drain pipes are going to be much further back towards the windscreen?

I suspect the problem’s been there as long as I’ve had the car. The floor’s been wet before, but I’ve never been sure if it’s come in through the window. This is the first time I’ve seen it actually running down the back wall.

You mean where the passenger puts their feet?

Or under the PX seat? Is the window sealing right? I know it can be a pain to get spot on, took me ages but is now Dry as a Bone! ™

If it’s the footwell, the only time I’ve had that is going through a small lake and the water got drawn through the heater and out of the air vents! D’oh!

Good thinking Pesky, I suspect you’re right… about it being bollox

Some things never change, do they?

Sorry Pesky, I couldn’t resist

Mark, yes I do mean the footwell. There was water all over the perforated panel above the footrest. I don’t think there were any huge flash-floods in the car park while I wasn’t looking, so I assume the water came in from above somewhere.

Well just had a quick look through the service manual…

The only place I can see it happening is either the top of the windscreen isn’t sealed properly…

…Or dramatic pause the roof isn’t sealed properly… Which can only mean one thing… You have been going topless haven’t you!!!

Wash your mouth out How dare you!? I utterly refute that horrible accusation

Surely the leak would have to be at the bottom of the windscreen, not the top

Surely if it was at the bottom (which isn’t sealed???) then it’d just run off into the front clam gutter thingmybob?

Surely if it was the top, the water would run down the inside of the windscreen onto the dash top?

Have you taken a look at the “front clam gutter thingmybob”? There’s no drain pipes (at least on mine!). It just dumps the water straight into the under bonnet area in the hope that it’ll find its way out somewhere. Nice.

Im guessing it’s entering down there somewhere…


I had this problem with a loan Exige. The PX side filled with water when the car was parked pointing downhill. AFAIK the rain got in between the engine cover & the rear bulkhead window. 1 over night shower & the footwell was 2-3’’ deep


Thanks Tim, but I’ve already fixed my leak at the rear

This is another leak which is definately at the front somewhere

My leak comes in at the top front corner of the side windows and trickles down the front side of the door and into the - foot well.

Mainly only happens in heavy rain and more when moving. Is the rubber seal still properly attached all the way around where the door touches when closed? That’s one of the things to look out for.

Hope you find it.


Thanks Ian, but it’s definately not the window either. As I’ve said, the perforated panel above the footrest was wet. The water must be coming in from somewhere under the bonnet. I’m thinking it may be the plastic panel which the wiring harness comes through. It’s a blanking plate for where the pedal box would be on a LHD car.


Your car wasnt parked downhill was it when the rain came in?

The reason being is that when I had a brand new S2 loan car from the factory last year and parked it on my girlfriends drive one night (which slopes down quite steeply), the next mornig there was 2-3inches of water in the passenger footwell.

It had basically trickled through the passenger window, through the middle of the door, out of the door handle and slowly dripped into the footwell and as you say the mesh was wet in the same way from splashes etc.

Only an idea but might be worth checking

No, the car was parked on very level ground, and there is/was no sign at all of any leak at the window.

I guess I’m going to have to do some tests with the hose pipe at the weekend.