My old Exige undergoing surgery!!!

These prices seem OK to you all???

(ECU is emerald)

Specification for the cyl-head
New inlet valves 1mm larger with new seats
Replace standard guides with calsibro longer guides
New high lift camshaft
Double valve springs
Gasflow inlet and exhaust ports
This will enable the cyl-head to flow the air required for 220 bhp +
Flow bench testing

Engine parts
Omega pistons and rings
Steel conrods
New cylinder liners
Crankshaft thrust washers
Main bearing
Big end bearings
Flywheel bolts
Uprated clutch assembly
Cambelt and tensioner
Full engine gasket set
New cyl-head bolts
Oil pump
Water pump
Vernier type camshaft pulleys
Thermostat 82 degree
New spark plugs
Balance crankshaft / clutch assembly

Labour 50 hours �45per hour �2250.00

Engine management system �1100.00 inc mapping & dyno

All prices + vat

Who is doing this work ?

Do I take it that you add all the figures up and come to �7150 + VAT ???

Major woerk there then. I haven’t seen a list like that since my old Europa T/C got a total rebuild .Was this the result of lots of good old fast road driving,or many a mile on track?I’d be interested to know.

38000 miles in 20 months and never let me down - no smoke - no rattles - used as daily driver and track tool.
I sold it to a client who got it at the right price (Client lovin!!) which enabled him to give it a, uhum, spruce up!

I bought a Clio V6 (I know you love em Pesky ) which has 350+bhp (supercharged) and a rather unusual suspension/cage etc. etc.

My idea is I beat him around Donnington - his idea is that I don’t (he’s probably right but we’ll see!!)
So its game on - the work is being done on the South coast somewhere by a Lotus specialist. Just seemed 20% strong to me.

And yes I think your maths is excellent Phil - top of the class!!!

far to much!
i wouldnt trust anyone except dva to do the work his head porting gave me an extra 18bhp over the previous “gas flowing”

Anyway where is the exhaust manifold in that list? thats another �500

Ey up, Mikey, hope you’re keeping fit & well.

Is the Clio road registered or is it a pure track car? Sounds interesting, to say the least.

Will we see you at the Le Mans Classic event this year? A rendezvous at a certain street cafe in Arnage would be great

seconded…how is Phil?

Thanks Mike

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fine bruno
just playing with me new phone


PS: greetings to the rest of the family…


I don’t know what DVA would charge for that amount of head-work but �1200 seems a bit expensive to me you’de need to be way sure they were going to do it properly as well.

the parts list coming in at �2600 is probably in the right ball-park i’d think.

the labour is OUT OF ORDER for a start i don’t think it should take 50hours - what do you think Phil ? secondly i wouldn’t want to pay an hourly rate for this job but i’d want to negotiate a fixed price for the job.

�1100 seems like extortion for the ECU mapping session Mike Lane should be an expert in what DVA would charge for this but i don’t think it’d be that much.

All IMHO of course.

Thanks for all your help guys - Looks like definately a serious negotiation required - they were given a �5k cap and it should be around there I guess!!!

Pesky - you know it’ll be road registeredd and my daily driver!!! No point keeping it in the garage - although it was exciting in the wet on P Corsas!!!

Le Mans could be on - you and Bruno got any details??

See you on the black stuff



Keep your eye on Le Mans


I go away for a day and look what happens…

Firstly I think the costs are pretty steep indeed, but I do like the specification.

I am sure you could get the labour down to �35 per hour, but a fixed price is much better.

A full set up of my Emerald, lasting most of the afternoon, done by Dave Walker himslef, at Emerald, cost me �200 and IMHO the designers of the system know how to get the nest out of it…

IMHO the designers of the system know how to get the nest out of it…

mike, by keeping my car covered I manage to keep the birds out of my engine bay!


LOL! Exige - Powered by sparrows!

Total time is way over the top, a competant mechanic should be able to rebuild the engine in 8 hours.

Removal and refitting of the rear clam and engine hmmmm 3-4 hours each - Its been a while - Hey Bruno, how long did it take to get ya engine out ?

Emerald fitment - 3 hours

ok thats 19 hours work based on them NOT doing the head porting work or balancing the crankshaft.

So what are the other 31 hours for

hmmm…how long dit it take us…a couple of days…
only joking mate…nah…it was like you said, 4-5 hours maybe with some tea breakes incl.

IMHO the designers of the system know how to get the nest out of it…

mike, by keeping my car covered I manage to keep the birds out of my engine bay!


Go on then - give me the bird