My new "work in progress" web-site - take a look!

Soon be up-and-running exhaust supplier for Lotus Exige/Elise. Many “different” but practical designs coming along. More photos and ordering details for UK and overseas soon. Google and they have a link - hasn’t been submitted yet.

Couldn’t wait, eh Jim?

I guess when you guys see what he’s talking about “in the metal” and on track, it’s going to make more sense.

Suffice to say the JV3 is much better than the combination I had before, so the EBD big-bore stepped manifold and Powerspeed are just stored away.
Stronger than the EBD-Powerspeed combo from 5 K onwards (to my 8.6K rpm redline)

-about 5 Kg lighter than the EBD+Powerspeed combo (which was 6 Kg lighter than the original one)
-very easy to work on the engine as it’s divided in 3 sections
-does not interfere with the undertray
-manifold is also further away from the alternator

The one I’m running is till the prototype, and although this one is not the finished product I don’t want to change it!

Man it works!.

See some of you at KH tomorrow.

Well, gotta step of the cliff sometime.

Actually, that system isn’t for sale yet - want to see what a different car on a different (Emerald) dyno will do.

And might shave another 1Kg off it yet.


want to try my car

Good luck with the web site and business


hopefully see you tommorrow

One comment on the site… the ‘Flexy CRP’ doesn’t look that flexy to me

hmm, yeh - not the best piccy to show the “flexy” bit! I know that many owners have problems sealing at these joints because the welds on the outside of the flange distort the sealing face - thought I’d highlight my solution. Will take another foto though! Cheers.

Thank you Mike! I’ve left a system with Simon - one of his clients will be on Emerald soon. Just wanted an Emerald graph, that’s all.

Jim You have a PM

Good luck Jim

One comment on the site… the ‘Flexy CRP’ doesn’t look that flexy to me

Its not that big but how flexy do you reckon it has to be? Doesn’t it only have to flex enough to stop the manifold cracking at the headers?