My new Exige!!

Well Folks, I’ve done it,Just put a deposit on a nice little yellow Exige!! 190hp, seats, harnesses, sports exhaust, removable steering wheel etc, 7800miles for �21500. Seemed like quite a good deal to me!!!Even bought a plate for it M1-11 DMK (M111 DMK). Thanks to all who contributed on the “Yellow Exige wanted” thread on the for sale section.Guess I now need to sort the insurance side of things, mind you, John at Autotorque seems to have quite a good deal on this future classic policy, a little higher than some others but you get track day cover thrown in and they don’t care if it’s modified either.Any other ideas are gratefully received if you know of any other good policys out there (Sorry JohnO, gota try haven’t I!!!)Hope to meet more of you all at future track days. Come and say Hi, I’ll be the little yellow one at the back taking it easy, well at least for the first ten minutes or so anyway!!!Dave

Well done Dave, this is what you will look like from now on [image][/image]

Cheers Phil,Yep, been doing that most of the day all ready and haven’t even picked it up yet!!Dave

Well done Dave - now you are gonna have to learn to wear your sunglasses over your smile.Tony

Nice one Dave - reckon you got an excellent deal there. Smile will get wider every time u out in it.