My new Exige website

Hi all,

Just setting up my Exige website, trying to get a decent mix of info and stuff like that, all the faq’s and such like, plus some tips and tricks.


Any comments and suggestions greatly appreciated!!!

I was also thinking of listing different suspension setups on there, maybe if I could copy Jason’s post about his Nitron setup, and maybe a few other of you nutty suspension folk could send me something?


Looks sexy so far


Petter Solberg was using excuse #78 last weekend!

Links to good threads would be nice, perhaps sorted by topic (eg. HGF, Yip, Nitron set-up, etc).


Good idea Ian!

First link to the “I am melting” thread in my FAQ


It’s a bugger to load on a dial up connection

I must join the 21st century & get broadband


very sexy RL… hope you have time to keep it up to speed for us… its excellent…