my new exige is arrived !!!

brandnew !!!


[image] [/image]

have more pics… but i cant place them here… i put steel hose break lines, an titanium open exhaust and a softtop for cabrio driving… i like it very much… this is a real race car… not like all those fake opel astras with huge spoilers…

Congratulations on discovering a great secret in motoring - just how special an Exige is!

I rather like the S2 Exige in black. It hides some of the thinks I feel detract, like the side pods, and a softtop (you’ll find some humourous yibes from the purest Exige owners if you have a search).




welcome along… hope you can join in with banter aound here…

oddly, on the colour thing… I agree with IDG… looking at your car Black might just be the best colour for the S2… I’d need to see it in the plastic next to an orange one and a krypton one tho’ …

beautiful!! Just like mine!! Post some pics with the soft top please. What zorst did you get stage one or two?? ENJOY

Post some pics with the soft top please.

Now in summer that’s merely going to upset some people, in winter you’re in danger of causing real offense!


you have to take the top of with some screws… so i didnt do it now… so no pics… but my dealer took the top of and the exige is even more beautiful cabrio… and the softtop is very simple… it rolls from the middle to two sides and you click tight…

did some miles in the rain today… very smooth in the rain… no problems like over or understeer… but they will come when i push it some more… i have some circuit experience and im now waiting for februari for a day at spa francochamps…

is this a understeer or more oversteer car… i think under , but its so beautifully balanced…

As a rule, Alister McQueen (who helped make the Elise) said S1 Elises generally get crash damage at the rear (ie. more oversteer incidents), whilst S2 Elises get damage at the front (ie. more understeer incidents). Now I don’t know if that carries through to the Exige.

Watch those 48s in the rain when the tread is very low.


ps. Exige with no roof = Elise!

Watch those 48s in the rain when the tread is very low.

Russ, you listening?

Off on a slight tangent… was up at Bell and Colvill yesterday - their forecourt was packed and I could count at least 4 S2 Exiges (must be selling well) wonder if they plan on limiting the numbers lik the S1 ??? - one of which in the show room was white or a sort of cream… thought it looked quite nice in storm trooper white … its trim and scoops were out - suspect it was to them colour coded…


…wonder if they plan on limiting the numbers lik the S1 ???

They’d be made while they’re making money!


thx for reply… but exige with no roof is still no elise… its still bigger and bolder… its for those sunny summer days where me and my girlfriend visit a beach or go shopping… not that there is a lot bootspace…

i bought my exige for a lot of reasons… circuit… but also weekend drives and so on… and its just nice that you can ride cabrio… the roof scoop is just for the compressor that is not (yet) on my car…