My New Exhaust

Something i have been quite excited about and working with Max88Performance over the last few weeks. 3 years ago,Max88 performance supplied me with a Chris Tullet exhaust for my Europa S and it not only sounded great but looked great too. I also wanted this sound and look on my Exige so Max88 Performance using an Ex Chris Tullet enployee created me something sepcial, a 7"x 22" repackable system with twin 80mm tail pipes.
Various different sizes and, variations are available from fast road to track freindly but i wanted something with a bit of noise but not too intrucive on long journeys.
Max88 perfomance are also doing full systems from the manifold back.
I can highly recomend Joe and his team at Max88Performance and can’t wait to get this fitted at the weekend.

Bloodyhell. Looks a bit special that!

Yeh Joe’s alright, owns a nasty pink car but we will forgive him.

Lovely jubbly.

Some much needed variety for the 2zz market :thumbup:

Looks cool, very impressed by the R&D involvement you’ve had. I think your requirements would be echoed many other owners. Not droney at motorway speeds, noisey enough at high revs, hopefully abit rapsy, and crackley…?!

what’s the material they used to sleeve it?

Need a video of the noise!!

A carbon kevlar sleeved version would be wicked…! :slight_smile:

I will post a video up, as soon as i can, just awaiting delivery of some gearbox oil.

Now how do you post a video :grimacing::thinking:

Upload it to youtube.
Click the share button in youtube
Paste it into the reply.

Or you can whatsapp it me and Ill upload …

Did you have any dB expectations for this?

To be honest i asked for a similair sound to my Europa as that was lovelly, i have a suspicion this one maybe slightly louder but thats ok.

I never got the gearbox oil delivered so no video. Maybe tomorrow :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks to Andy for loading me this video.

So finally i got the oil delivered for the gearbox and got it put in and started.

This is the best i can do using my phone to record it but also used a db app to give me an idea.

Unfortunately the rear clam is off so your getting engine noise and also a reasonably sized garage to resinate.

Anyway 100 db at 5k with the phone about 4ft away.

Sounds good to me, I think I’ll be giving them a call.

Im hopping to get the rear suspension ready and put on this coming week all been well so i will get it out the garage and post another video ( i will ask Andy nicely :rofl:)

We do them as well :slight_smile: just let me know what you need :slight_smile: