My mods going on....

I’m working on my brakes and dash.
Brakes almost done, only need to fit brake bias valve.
I also fitted a stack dash.

Here u can see some pics.

My car is the BRG one…


Nice! It’s going to look great with the gold wheels.

What extra is the dash giving you?


the dash will give me oil pressure, oil temp, air temp and lap timing.

yeah, Ian, it looks bombastic but is a facking pain to clean them specially if you like cleaning cars like I do


what have you done to the rear spoiler ? it looks cool any benifits or just for style?


the rear spoiler is from lanzante in uk. It looks good and u have extra downforce if u want. On the pics is set almost flat.

I understand less drag too.


Hmmm… does it fit on the standard plinths?

with few work yes.