my logon doesn't work

grrrrr [image][/image] my logon has stopped working…any chance of getting it back??Peter Oldroyd

Hey Peter - dont worry …A Lotus BBS would not really be a LOTUS site if everthing went perfect all the time now would it [image][/image]Miniman under a new logon [image][/image]

Peterand me too!! - after all this effort junior member again!! [image][/image] buggar, will have to nip out in the silver machine to put the smile back on my face [image][/image]SimonE

It’s been p*****g my little cherub off too [image][/image]

Hmm it does make you think of more imaginative logons tho… [image][/image] I think I’m with Simon, I’ll just take the beast out and give it a good seeing to [image][/image] there, thats better already!Simon, Pesky got any runs planned for the weekend?