My GP Birthday present (s)!!

Can we have some of these at our Exiges trackdays please!

Totally :wink:

Blimey, Webbo’s tall :open_mouth:

Been taking the GTN again, Pete? :smiley:

:thumbup: Yay Pete go buddy

Don’t rate the one in the middle!

Steady on, Mr P what are you suggesting?

“Glyceryl trinitrate is also used in the treatment of anal fissures” :open_mouth:

Is that a program in your pocket???

Not sure what anal fissure is, but at least I now know I have the requisite spray to sort it! :mrgreen:

Anal fissure is basically an angler who meticulously lines his floats up in his tackle box according to size and also washes the meat traces off his Maggots. :smiley:

PMSL :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Topcat, top reply!