My first MIL

I have my first MIL!

It is now you realise what a pain it is to have so few dealers about.

I have a 2bular sports cat and backbox so am preparing myself for the usual

‘return back to standard sir if you want to keep your warranty’


Have you just put the exhaust on? If it’s on constantly you think you know whats causing it just ignore it and it’l go away after a few restarts. It’s only really if its flashing you have to worry about it.
Mine sometimes comes on if i’ve filled to the brim with petrol, a quick push on the flap to release the gas after i’ve used some up sorts it out next restart.

yes, something like 5 starts without the problem reoccurring and the light extinguishes. if the light starts flashing, pull over.

Thanks for the replies.

Exhaust has been on for a few weeks with no problems.

Came on this week, cars been on and off more than 5 times, still there as the fault code will need clearing. Its a steady light, no flashing.

its in the manual somewhere, after xx starts without the original fault being detected again, the light will extinguish… i remember my first MIL, had it for a whole week… on the morning of going to garage to have it cleared - it turned itself off!! the fault code will however still be logged

edit: nice reference for the codes web page

edit: can’t find it in my S manual, i’m sure it was in the n/a manual

edit: found this on
web page

“There are a number of safeguards built in which will prevent false illumination of the light in the event of a momentary false reading etc. The number of events necessary to illuminate the lamp depends on the sensor/system being monitored and the amount of the deviation from normal. The system only functions when the engine is running, so a flat battery will not cause the light to illuminate. Once illuminated the light will however stay on, as long as the fault is present. If/when the physical fault is no longer present and the appropriate built-in OBD check has been passed on three consecutive trips, then the MIL will go off. The fault’s associated code will still be stored, until the appropriate OBD check has been passed on forty consecutive trips.”

Get yourself a reader and clear it yourself, there is no point in taking it in if it is nothing serious