My faith restored, well, almost!

I thought I’d heard everything this evening!

A few weeks ago my mother was on her way over the day after my grandfather’s funeral (her dad, a great man who I’ll deeply miss). She got caught by a pesky speed camera van doing 58mph in a 50mph. [To which she said “I though they let you off up to 57mph?” Er, mum, you were doing 58!]

Anyway, the point of the story, my dad decided there were grounds for some compassion in the fact that her father had just died, so decided he’d write (enclosing the death certificate!) to see what he could do. I scoffed some what and warned him not to make it worse with a ‘Driving with undue care & attention’ wrap.

THEY ONLY BLOOMING LET HER OFF!!! “After taking all the facts into consideration…we have decided not to…”



Ian, an excellent result for your mum. Tales such as this show the better side of our sometimes, well beleaguered constabulary - more common sense please officer (and can I send you back the NIP I received last week)

Yes Ian but it was a “Pesky” speed camera …


Sorry to hear about your grandfather.

A similar account was given on Scottish Elises recently by TUT - his wife had got held up taking her friend to hospital and had to double park only to come back to find she’d been booked. Tut wrote to them pleaing compassion and got it…