My exige dream / neightmare

ufff… the other day I had a dream or should I say neightmare…, it goes somthing smt like this…

I went in the middle of the night to a person which got a car ramp (lift)… I was alone and I had park my exige, and when I put my car in revers I used a bit to much force on the gas pedal… so the rear chassi was flyiing away like a rocket . And I was also noticing the 2 meter long flames which was comming out of my exoust. So I went out of my car to have a closer look, so then a friend of mine appered from nowere, and he told me it was normal… It was suppose to be like that… And then 2 sec later , the fuel filler cap flew away and the 1 meter flames was shooting out. from ther too… Then my friend told me, that he was in doubt… he wasent sure if it was suppose to be like that…hmmmmmmm…“thinking” hmmm… and after 5 more sec the flames was shooting out from the front chassi… and the car burned down … dream END…

uffff.uffffff… do I need to see a shrink hope im not a true dreamer… ufff…uffff

Yes, Exige ownership comes hand in hand with various elements of psychosis.
-Your nightmare was one of the more rare symptoms. Most owners typically suffer:
-Delusions that their wives / girlfriends will love their Exige;
-A psychological block that one’s supply of cash is limited when it comes to spending on accessories, trackdays and, of course, copious supplies of Optimax.
-A psychosis known as Exigmuchspeakus. This involves the patient craving incessant discussion about all things about Exiges. Discussion about Lotus does suffice to an extent, but the sufferer is always looking for the ultimate high - and that leads him/her always back to the Exige!

Don’t worry Niceguy - hang in there! Try sleeping inside your Exige for a night and it should get rid of the nightmares!




owners also have obssesive weight loss tendancies and delusional power trips… going to extreme lengths in the pursuit of tyre smoking, flame spitting dreams…

think yourself lucky… so far

Other ‘normal’ Exige owner psychotic symptoms …

  1. Every driver on the road wants to race you at traffic lights … oh, actually that one’s probably true;
  2. All the local hoodlums either want to steal your Exige, or scratch it to pieces … hmmm, that one’s probably true as well;
  3. The local council are deliberately building higher speed-bumps to take out your cars underbelly … now that one must be my imagination surely?
  4. I’m constantly being ‘followed’ by unmarked police cars down the A30 …

Ok, that’s enough … now I’m REALLY getting paranoid


LOL…hoho… glad im not the only one…
“4) I’m constantly being ‘followed’ by unmarked police cars down the A30 …”… hoho…at leat we got smt in common

Holy [censored]

scared about owning and exige now, if it means ill lose my sanity…oh well risk worth taking

On the way home from Snetterton yesterday after only my 3rd day of ownership I was outdragged …!! HaHa by the usual louts in Pugs and Fistas to say nothing about Arstras.
Ah well WE can have the last laugh after all…but it is annoying. Price of total fun I suppose.

I always let them go, and surprise them at the next roundabout!