My day so far (yawn)....

Anyway, as I am here all on my lonesome, in the middle of London with 3 odd hours to wait till the 1st train home, I’d thought I’d bring you up to date about Hanger 111.

I popped up there today just to see the set up and met Marriene & Greg and to talk over options for my car. Their new place is quite small but they intend to lease another place and consolidate the two operations, but what I saw today was pretty good and they intend to take on another mechanic/techie.
Location is off the beaten track somewhat but a tad nearer to me from their previous location at Martlesham (near Ipswich).
In no particular order, for me it’s Exhaust, ECU, braided hoses/Pagids.
Get those sorted then onto the next batch of ideas.

By the way, how do you add an image to your post ?

I can’t believe that there are people as sad as me this morning viewing this (5 so far) , just popped out for a keeeebab and about to tuck into a nice cup of tea.

Taking out my contact len’s later will be like peeling a layer of skin off an onion…

I see DaveOz is about…

An hour or so to go

I’ve had enough, I’m off ZZZZZzzzzzzzzz

Missed you by 10 mins Pete.

Have a good sleep

hi pete, its the other pete krypton s owner, what feedback did you get on the ecu upgrade cost/bhp figures

By the way, how do you add an image to your post ?

FAQ is your friend - look HERE

Hanger 111 are good aren’t they! So far I’ve had…

Luke 4 point harness x2 and bar (advice fitting)
EUC reflash
Reverie C/F diffuser
Quicksilver Manifold
Quicksilver Ultra Loud I mean light
Eliminator kit
ITG Maxogen Induction
Futher ECU reflash (foc)
Team Dynamic Alloys black gloss
Full set Toyo’s R888
Wheel centre’s
Rear badge

Should have got through them but didn’t would of been cheaper (diffuser was)

Reverie splitter
Reverie adjustable rear wing

Going to have end of 2008 at Hanger 111…
Komtec TurboDrive
4 pot brakes & hoses

Worth every penny, good people!

Have to agree about H111 - good service every time.

They have done all of the upgrade work on my car to date, they’re fitting Nitrons for me in May.

Another shift through the night ZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

I’m just off to bed, got to be up to go for the dyno
How is the exhaust?

Doing what?

How is the exhaust?

Being fitted tomorrow

Doing what?

At the moment ‘feck nothing’ !

I’m a mechanical design engineer within building services (heating, cooling, ventilation, public health…) and every now and again I have to assure my design (to my client) by witnessing the performance of the systems that I have designed (and what the contractor has installed).

And right now I’m on a BIG project in London which is just coming to a close and all the systems have to be demonstrated and proven.

Hence every now and again these stoooooopid anti social hours

BIG = �800 million.

How is the exhaust?

Being fitted tomorrow

  • Thursday.

Ah, I was curious.Could you have a look at my gas central heating boiler when you get a mo? It’s on the blink.

Temperature control appears to be working in reverse.
Set it to nought, the boiler fires up, set it to five for some real heat and it stops . . .