My car jackers 2007!

You may know some of you but in 2007 I was car jacked! Well I’m watching SKY NEWS and here they are…Westword and Watkins.
Just called the Police…from Spain!

Yes I’m 100%

Jeez JF that’s unbelievable :shocked:

Those scrotes like their RS Audis eh. Hopefully your evidence will mean they can get locked up for even longer than eight years.

That’s frightening stuff, but why did they want a van full of fireplaces?

I heard this on the radio today, 180mph! Surely there would be too much traffic on the M6 to hit that kind of speed!

Was it your car they resprayed black?

Lol no New RS4 B7. There was a few of them, two maybe in another car were spotted but those two… Westwood drove and got thrown the keys and Watkins had the baseball bat.

I’ll never forget Watkins face!

Hey, ive never had a baseball bat, but I know youll never forget my face!! :stuck_out_tongue:

(My surname is watkins by the way)

You,d keep a whole crime squad busy Jonny ,just looking for all your stolen exotics :wink:

Bloody Hell.