My car is big boned

All the race cars at LRSS were weighed at the weekend, and my Exige weighed in at a massive 733kg. Considering there was bugger all fuel, lightweight battery, no pax seat, no heater, no aircon, polycarb windows except front, motorsport engine cover, no winder mechs, this was still a bit heavier than expected…Anybody know what the standard weight was?Cheers

hellothe original weight of my exige is 790 kg with all fuel.

Hi beckk, was that an actual weighed figure or from Lotus’ literature?Of the 3 exiges that Lotus Motorsports Australia looks after, all weighed about 20-30kg more than the official figures. I don’t have the actual numbers, and my car now bears little resemblance to a stock exige (now around 710kg actual), but from memory, mine weighed about 830kg new with fluids.Don’t even get me started on the published power outputs vs. measured figures…I had 170hp, with the 190 kit fitted :frowning: Now I have 195hp with a perfectly flat torque curve (the flattest Lotus torque line the engine guys had ever seen) with 132 ft-lb from 4000 to 7800rpm :slight_smile:

hithat was actual weighed with all fluids => 790 kg without 190 kit.

I don’t understand guys…Why should our car be much heavier than a normal Elise?I mean, what does an Exige have heavier than an Elise:-an extra wing and the supports, maybe 5Kg total-the polycarbonate window, I guess it’s about the same weight as the normal Elise engine cover + fiberglass around it, so I won’t count it.-the bodywork is a bit wider, so 5Kg more?-The Exige doesn not have a boot, so substract 5 Kg there-the Exige has a splitter, so add what, 4 Kg?That says the Exige should be 9Kg heavier only!I know I’m pulling the nubers out of a rectal database, but, anyone has any idea?Uldis (fat faction)

Uldis,You forgot the roof !! Have a look at the carbon fibre thread as i think this had a link to the actual weight of the exige clams

Ok, the roof, 8Kg more? that’s 16 then.And I remember the CF thread, it’s just that the Elise is advertised in the Maintenance manual as:Std=755Kg111S=770KgExige=785Kg??? hhmmmm, 15 Kg difference with the Sports 160… so we’re not that far off.Ok, no problem then, it’s just that I was taking the 745Kg widely spoken about, I guess that’s already an Elise without Cat, with the sports exhaust and no roof.Ok, disregard then. Our car is not that fat. [image][/image]Uldis