My brakes dont squeek anymore !

Fitted RS14 and they were great - OK they squeeked a lot - bi deal … Anyway performance has dropped off ( less bite and spongy) and they dont squeek !!Anyone had similar issues - is it a case of glazing up and so some emery cloth on them ?

I have had the same recently - pedal feels a bit spongey. I had the SRF changed, but there was no difference, so you are prob. right and I need to do something with the 14’s. The thing is, there is plenty of meat left on, and performance does not seem to have suffered - is this possible?

quote:Originally posted by RussT: The thing is, there is plenty of meat left on…Yeah but wot about the disks [image][/image] Mine do the same but a few hard brakings from 100 down to 40-30 seems to fix it for a while otherwise i get terible brake pull on one side.

RS 15’s, same issue but do a track day and get them hot and they’re back to normal - I think once they are bedded in they need the temperature more than they do new. Can’t tell you why but on track they’re unreal

I’ve now almost worn the front away (they have done over 20K so good value) and have had no issues with drop off in perfomance.I have grooved discs and I think that’s the key - they keep the surface of the pad good and stop it glazing up.Hi-Spec will sell you grooved discs for a about 60 GBP - better spec disc than the Lotus one, same material as used in EliseParts disc/bell offering.SteveB

Emery cloth brings the squeek back [image][/image] and gets a harder pedal - so suspect build up of something on the pad … glazing or whatever.