my blue beast!



Saw one just like it coming out of Farnham on Saturday. Did look mighty fine!

One thought, is that a good place to have the plate?


Please tell me you have removed the plate from the grill, you will overheat the engine otherwise.
Trust me, it happened to me, got it covered with leaves and saw 128 DegC!

Erm it seems ok! its been on there for a while now and the temperature seems to be running quite cool still! But thankyou for pointing it out, i shall definitely bear it in mind!

Definately bear it in mind if you run it on track. It can get really hot there!



Thankya buddy! but its never been on a track, and he is up for sale now so i dont think ill ever get the opportunity to take him on a track now! But i will definitely pass the info on to his new owner when he gets one!