my 1st exige

Well the time has finally arrived. I’ve put my deposit on a beast. Black s2, touring with stage 1 zorst. Its like christmas, not slept for 2 days. I’m picking it up next saturday, 6 more days in my Liz and then D-DAY. I’ll get some pics when it arrives if anyone’s interested… yipeeeeee

What, you mean you’re going to buy more than one?


I can relate to that feeling, only surpassed by the actual moment when you sit in the car, start the engine, start backing off from its parking place and… drive away

I’ll have picked up my exige, but later the same day the Liz goes back, I want the pic of the two of them side by side on my drive. When I have kids i’ll be able to tell them I had two lotus in my hay day!

in my hay day!

So you are a farmer…

Oh yes the Liz has proved very useful carting those bales arround and I hope the exige will provide the same service… just faster!!


I rest my case yer 'onour

Sorry Mrjonty
Partner put me on some strange drugs to help me book registry office for next month. The drugs havn’t worn off yet.

fair play, I’ve had the same drugs, 19th June if I remember correctly, obviosly still suffering the after affect. Good luck!