Multistory Carpark vs Exige

So which would win in a fight?

Just making sure there’ll be no probs with grinding the front clam. Any problems?


Just be very careful mate! Alternatively, let Fiona drive it there the first time

It’s her work carpark, so she’ll be driving. I’ve got tape under the front clam as some sort of scrape protection.

Perhaps an Edwards front splitter might help?

I’ve never had a problem with car parks. Just take it steady, and it probably helps to approach the ramps at a slight angle rather than straight on.

Parked in one today…no problem

You S2 boys have an extra 2cm clearance though.


Do S2 Exiges have better off-road capabilities then?


Well I haven’t seen one Autocrossed yet. Unlike an S1 that’s been scene!!!


Hi guys,

My work carpark entrance ramp is like the north face of the Eiger. I’m sure it’s some sort of security measure.

I can’t approach at an angle as it’s only a car width’s wide. Maybe I should leave the car at home but the Peaks are calling for a lunchtime blat!

Reverse it up then.

Lunchtime blats are not to be missed! Take the boss to scare them.


Rear diffuser and Motorsport cover with no rear mirror mean that’s probably not a good idea

Now I thought this would work a while ago when loading a trailer.
But all that happens is that the front grinds on the ground later on, as the back end goes up the ramp!

Trigonometry can be a pain in the a*se at times!

P.S. Welcome - and hope you’re enjoying the car.

I let the missus borrow mine for a couple of days, and even without a passenger, and going very slowly, it still grounded… So she can’t have it now…

Well I’m going to try next friday. I’ll let you know how I get on. If the worst comes to the worst I’ll just drive in the exit and hope no one sees me.

Thanks for the welcome. Nice to be here.

Well I’m going to try next friday. If the worst comes to the worst I’ll just drive in the exit and hope no one sees me.

I’d say do that anyway. After all, would the owner of the car park be interested in a damage claim if you tried carerfully to do the ‘right’ thing? I think not

Good luck.


I get in trouble if I try to sneak in the exit.


You may very well get into them, but getting out…

When I had my VX220 (better ground clearance than my S2 Exige), I took it very easy going down one of the ramps on the way out, but alas, there came the nauseating grinding sound of plastic on concrete!

There was traffic building up behind me and horns started blasting. After the mild panic had subsided, I got out of my car and motioned to all the cars behind to back-up. They weren’t pleased!

I then reversed my car back up the ramp (more grinding!), turned around at the top and then drove back-wards down 4 stories of car park ramps and out into the busy street.

Talk about embarrassing!

We’ll I’m here at work and got in the car park with only one minor scrape. Picked a day when Steve’s also in Sheffield so one of us could drive it in and the other could stand in front and grimace.

Let’s see how we get back out now…

Let’s see how we get back out now…