Mud Flaps - Pictures Please

I’ve been trawling the achieves relative to mud flaps, and I’ve found a lot of good information , but I’m after some high-res images of the actual fixing position/height and method so I don’t rip the insides off if I come into contact with any unusually large sleeping policeman. From the threads it looks like pesky may have some from a while back.Any help is appreciatedGingerGaijinExige & Sport 350

I’ll try and dig some out at home.Mine are cut from a Halfords (soft) rubber mat and attached with 4 or 5 superclips (paperclip type things). They almost touch the ground and simply drag over any bumps.Cheap, quick to fit, won’t damage the car and doesn’t look too ugly.Ian [image][/image]

GingerThis should do the trick [image][/image]