MS Brake Master Cylinder

Anyone running one

My car has one fitted
I’ve done new discs and pads and new fuild and the brake are not all that.
Was at Donnie yesterday and had a few moments on the brakes where there was not much there and it doesn’t seem like brake fade due to temps As it happened at different times on track

This has happened on all the trackdays I’ve done since getting it. I knew the disc and pads needed changing after the 1st trackday so did that and I didn’t notice much differents on the last 2 I’ve done

What pads are you running?

PF z01

Running motorsport master cylinder and brake bias valve. Never had a problem in 11 years.

Always rock hard pedal.

Are you still running std rear caliper

Yes, std rear calliper.

4 pots and bigger discs at the front.

MS master cylinder and brake bias valve available from Maidstone’s.

Stupid question time.

  1. The pads and discs are bedded in fully .
  2. You took of the coating the discs arrive with?
  3. You sure you’ve got no air pockets hidden in your lines/callipers?
  4. No leaks out the bleed nipples? everything is buttoned up?

My guess would be an air bubble somewhere