motosport elise vs corvette

just downloaded a video of motosport elise vs corvette at the nurburgring circuit for an entire lap. long download about 12 min with broadband, but worth the wait. scroll down to elise vs corvette

Is it just me or are both the drivers “not having the best day”? I have watched this video many times (“Smudo” looks like he’s at 7 tenths), and I really sucked at Nurburgring because I simply had not put in enough laps. I assume these two were in a similar situation…So let’s hear it from the’ers who know the Ring - can these two folks do better?

I did 500 miles around the ring in September on a training - I still cant remember exact what comes up next ! You can get certain sections, others just take longer to get in the mind ( for me anyway).That seemed to be the Corvette drivers problem - he was doing “ok” until he got to about half way - (going up the hill) and then through Wipperman and into the spectator complex he was completely lost - not on the line at all.I would agree neither was trying too hard - seemed like a sighting lap, which you really have to do every time you go …On balance the Elise driver seemed to know the circuit better and was just “bedding” himself in.WOW I want to go back now [image][/image] AND I want straight cut gears - there is NO better sound.

And the GP track is far better without the Mickey Mouse “Merc” complex they put in after the straight [image][/image]

Just seen the video, the place looks fantastic, I’ll have to go sometime, I’m sure a lap is just amazing!PeterBy the way Pesky I’ll definitely be going to Elvington, so CU next year!

quote:Originally posted by Peter Oldroyd:By the way Pesky I’ll definitely be going to Elvington, so CU next year!Fingers crossed that you Yorkshire boyz can arrange some nice weather [image][/image] [image][/image]

Miniman - is this video taken before or after the change to the GP track?

quote:Originally posted by beto:Is it just me or are both the drivers “not having the best day”?I understand an 8 minute lap is about as good as it comes in a road car and this was 11mins (albeit with a standing start). I would have thought a top driver could easily take over a minute off that.Okay who wants to go next year?!! [image][/image]Hey Jonny, how about a Book-a-Track Spa and Nurburgring double header?!Ian [image][/image]

BetoThis video was shot before the change, now you have very tight hairpin at the end of the straight and then a series of bends in the “Mercedes Complex”.Ian - The lap times you hear about for the “Ring” usually do not include the GP track, cos that bit is not open to the public only on special track days. So you have to time it from the time they get on the Old circuit ( which is the left of the entry to the pits ) and the end of the long straight where you kink right, left, right - hope it makes sense !!The more I look at the video the more you can realise the guy in the Elise knows the circuit - he is really relaxed and not off the throttle very much [image][/image]If anyones interested I have quite detailed charts of the lines - one A3 paper covers about 3 corners - just mail me and I’ll sort it out for you.CheersAndrew