Motorsport Spoiler & Wing - Part Numbers

Could someone please help me with the part numbers for these parts. I do not want to end up with the wrong one’s and our importer cannot be trusted to get me the right ones, as they are a costly and fragile item to ship i would prefer for them to take the risk of damage.

I also remember reading somewhere that you need some aluminium brackets for the spoiler, is it so.

Thanks Guy’s


I think you will also need a different undertray section to fit under the front splitter. I may be wrong, but hopefully, Russ or MarkD will have the definitive answer for you. Apologies if I’m way off the mark on this, but…

Yup, you need a new undertray for the front. Don’t know how much this is, but if you find out can you post it up please Jason, as I still need to pay for mine…

…as I still need to pay for mine…

Myself & the Edwards Boyz wish that all Exigers were as honest as you. Yes, we are owed money, despite it being promised from many months ago.

Am i perhaps correct in assuming that the edwardz boy’s make the parts i require?

If so, and of course i promise to pay, what would the cost be.

Waiting for quote from lotus for all the bits and pieces need to fit front and rear. Will advise as soon as they let me know, with part numbers.


No, the Edwards Boyz don’t make the parts you require - I’m genuinely sorry to have given you that impression.

However, myself & the Boyz have previously, & seperately, supplied stuff to one particular member of this bbs, who has received goods before paying for them, who promises to pay, but who never does.

Hope this clarifies my earlier post, which was a result of months & months of frustrated waiting by myself & the Boyz

No problem Pesky, was not sure so thought i would ask just in case.

Just picked up a pair of slicks over here for cost because of someone else who also did not pay the supplier for his other parts and the supplier was not prepared to take another chance on him with the slicks. it is truly frustrating as exige owners we are a small group and at some point we all need info, advice etc from each other and when someone creates mistrust it makes it difficult for the rest of us.

hi jason,

the CF guy here (who has provided the motorsport covers for others on bbs) has the moulds for these and can possibly make them.I have these (in CF) fitted to my car. you know you will need different wing struts that go through hole in rear clam don’t you? do you have, or need these too? I can ask for a price if you like and let you know

Hi Ang,

I would really appreciate it if you could get that price for me. I still have the standard strut’s, thought i would need the adjustable struts for the m/sport wing.

If possible could you get a price on the c/f rear cover as well as that was my next body upgrade.



Prices for C/f rear wing and front spitter for me too please !!

(I won’t mind if they are Orange !!)


PS Any news on the engine cover - I need it soon…

i will look into them. Jason, the struts are secured straight onto the reasr subframe and come out through holes oin the rear clam. that means you will need to cut/modify your clams. cool?

the front spoiler comes with the undertray atached
will find out tomorrow