Motorsport seats S1

If anybody should hear even a whiff of some Motorsport seats that may be procured for my S1 do please get in touch !

Have you contacted Scott-Russell Sports Cars? He’s been great sourcing me some rare parts, including a reasonably priced set of Speedlines!

Appreciate the suggestion thanks

If you find 2 pairs let me know… we’ll do a group buy :lolno:

Just a suggestion, what about getting a pair of Corbeau Le Pro made? LE-Pro Lotus Elise & Exige S1/S2 Bucket Seat | Corbeau Seats

They offer custom materials/embroidery. Or they might supply the seat shells and you could get get Allon Whites to trim them as per the OEM design? (See Jonnyfox’s build - - Lotus exige club)

Depends how ‘original’ you need them to be I guess, but I think Corbeau were actually the OEM for the S1 Motorsport seats.

What about S2 exige buckets or the latest OEM carbon ones? If it has to be S1 motorpsort seats, could put a wanted advert up on the 340r Facebook group too?

I know someone selling some S2 exige harness hole sport seat

There’s a pair on eBay:

Not mine, just saw them whilst browsing idly t’other day.

I’m guessing he’s looking for some genuine S1 Exige Sports Seats as below, not some standard ones that weren’t designed to have harness holes cut into them!

Agreed they did look a bit “odd” but I wondered if there was something good under there!